Stone walls are very appealing to those that love a natural rustic cottage look, and Fredericksburg-style rock is absolutely charming. Unlike drywall or plaster, it has real character, and it is possible to decorate with color and form in eye-catching new ways. Do not make the mistake of trying to cover interior stone walls. Instead, try these creative ways to enhance their natural beauty. Use these creative ways to decorate interior stone walls, and add to the old-fashioned charm of the space.

Use Open Shelving to Let the Stone Show Through

Beautiful interior stone walls should not be hidden away. Use open shelving instead of something with a full back when striving to beautifully decorate interior stone walls. This includes kitchen shelves, living room shelves and more. The beauty of the rock will show through behind anything used to decorate or furnish the home.

Decorate with Floral Arrangements and Old Crocks

When looking for new ways to decorate interior stone walls, go with the style of the stone instead of modernizing the space in unnatural ways. Opt for natural floral arrangements, and instead of modernizing the space with something new, choose old crocks instead of vases. They are available in many different sizes, and they can be used to decorate with real or faux floral arrangements. Decorate above a doorway with dried fragrant eucalyptus and flower swags, and place crocks filled with fresh or artificial arrangements on a desk, countertop or table next to interior stone walls. They will help add to the natural charm of the space without changing the style.

Accent with Copper and Wood

Natural stone walls look absolutely stunning when copper and wood are used to decorate the interior. They make beautiful accents, especially in a kitchen. Consider hanging intricate copper gelatin molds around a work of painted art. Decorate the countertop around it with crocks of flowers and wooden cooking utensils. All of this will add to the charm of the kitchen without taking anything away from the beauty of the natural stone walls.