Incorporating an unusual or unique design or material for walls in a room can lend an impressive architectural detail. Just installing an unexpected material to one wall in a room can add enough distinction to make the room stand out.
Many items can be used as wall coverings for inside the home. Think “outside the box”, as you look at different material ideas. Just because an item is designed to be used on something else doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be used on a wall. Here’s a few ideas to get your creative mind flowing.

Natural wood boards in varying lengths and even widths can be applied to walls. The boards can be installed horizontally, vertically, or even diagonally. Stained or left natural, certain woods such as pine, poplar, and the more expensive oak can be used to create a stunning wall. It is recommended that you apply a coat of polyurethane in satin or gloss to help protect the wood and keep it looking beautiful.

Rock or flagstone makes a rugged, but distinguished looking wall. Working with stone takes some time, but when finished is absolutely beautiful. If you are doing a wall with a fireplace, consider adding a large wooden beam to create a mantel.

Grass cloth can be applied to walls for a beachy feel. One thing about grass cloth, however, is that it is almost impossible to remove once glued to a wall. You could try tacking it up. Or another solution is to put up a thin wood covering, such as cheap paneling or luaun board with screws. Then glue the grass cloth to that. When you want to remove it, simply remove the screws and take down the wood and cloth. Your drywall behind the paneling will still be in good shape.

Bricking a wall adds class and character. You don’t even have to use whole bricks. Check your home improvement center for the thin cut bricks meant to give the look of brick without actually using whole bricks. These bricks are only about a fourth of the thickness of a whole brick.

Other materials that can be used on walls include tiles, slate or ceramic, and faux leather paneling.

To get more ideas simply visit your local home improvement store or even your area’s favorite landscaping center. Keep your eyes and mind open to materials that might work for your special wall. You may be surprised at your own creativity.