Sometimes people need to upgrade their kitchens because appliances stop working. Other times, people only want to upgrade their kitchens because they are tired of their old appliances or they want a new look. No matter the reason for the kitchen upgrade, there are things that should always be considered. Here are the top five interior design upgrades for kitchens.

Energy Star Appliances

When getting new appliances for the kitchen, make sure that they are Energy Star appliances. By doing this, you will be reducing the amount of energy that you use because Energy Star appliances are energy efficient. Energy Star is a government backed program and sometimes there are tax credits.

Sink Mounted Water Filter

Most people like to drink pure water. However, buying bottled water creates a lot of trash because of the plastic bottles. Having a sink mounted water filter gives clean water and reduces trash created by buying bottled water. With a sink mounted water filter, a reusable thermos can be filled from the tap used to carry drinking water places.

Green Lighting

Green lighting does not mean that the lights should be tinted green. It means that the lighting should be environmentally friendly. If it is possible, have windows in your kitchen so light comes in naturally. Then, instead of using light fixtures that require the long fluorescent lights, use light fixtures that require compact fluorescent lights (CFLs ‘” the lights that are swirled, or look somewhat like ice cream).


If your kitchen is big enough, consider getting an island for the middle of the kitchen. If you do this, then you have a place to do kitchen work that is not where you keep counter-top appliances. You can also put a chair or two next to the island. It is easy to keep it clear as you can make it a habit to always clean the top of the island after it is used so it is clear.

Fresh Herbs

Keep your kitchen looking like a happy place by growing fresh herbs. If you are good at growing plants, then you can grow herbs in hanging baskets. If you are able to allow natural sunlight in the kitchen, this is good for the herbs.