Bathroom shelving is something that one has to plan well in advance. Every bathroom should have ample storage space and if there is shortage of space in existing bathrooms, this has to be considered while remodeling bathrooms. When you have ample storage space, you can keep things well organized and the bathroom will not look cluttered. Apart from serving the purpose of added storage, bathroom shelving also adds to the interior d├ęcor in bathrooms.

While planning the shelving, you must first check the availability of space in the bathroom. Shelving above the bathroom sink is essential to place items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wash, etc. The shower area should ideally have body wash, soaps, scrubs, etc. Keep the bathtub essentials close to the bathtub, so it is well within reach. You could ideally have small glass shelves beside the mirror.

Different types of materials are used for bathroom shelving these days. However, it is best to keep the material used uniform throughout the bathroom. You could also ideally use different material and select them in accordance with the background. For instance, you could use marble shelves in case the background has tiled marble. In case you have a wooden bathroom vanity, then you could make wooden shelves and if you have to put shelves in the glass shower enclosure, then you could think of glass shelves.

Bathroom shelving can be done in different ways. Adding corner shelves is a great way to save space and utilize space efficiently. Ideally, you may have about 3 or 4 shelves in the corners. This is great if you have limited space. Wall mounted shelves are a great idea and you can add a number of them to form a pattern. You could also have wall-to-wall shelves to place your toiletries. If you have ample space, you could have free-standing shelves.

Storage cabinets are the best option as it can safely keep all the clutter out and you can keep things in one neat corner. This doesn’t require floor space and you can put lots of items. To enhance the beauty of the shelves you could use designer brackets for your glass shelves.