When it comes to Shabby chic, linens tend to be the favorite material. Cotton is also popular but linen is a big influence for shabby chic interior decorators. They are mostly inspired by Old French Country linens that offer that nostalgic appeal. Linen is pricey and most of the time, will require special cleaning. For your home accessories and décorespecially for homes with children running about the house, cotton is a good alternative since it can be hand washed. The material is light, airy and softens the space. Make sure that the hardwood floors are of lighter shade so that it will not make the whole design heavy.

Frayed, Distressed Fabrics

Ruffled, scrunched, frayed and tea infused materials are very popular for shabby chic. Too much pure white can look clinical and high maintenance. Cream colors, white, washed out with tea or coffee colors and similar effects to make the table décor a lot more vintage and will create a personality on your dining table. You can find tablecloths with ruffled edges but you can also do it on your own to create that imperfect, yet charming look. You may also want to add crocheted surfaces. If you have a lazy Suzy, add a nice crochet material to give it a more homey appeal. You can also put some crochet detail on the chairs to make it more textural.

Soft Colors and Pastels

For your charger plates and ceramic home accessories and décor like vases and pitchers, it would be ideal to find vintage inspired designs with pastel touches on the surface. It is better if the surface is a bit faded already. This creates a very nice, aged look. It would be best to buy vintage ceramic tableware so that you can really have that lovely style that is more homey, traditional yet utterly contemporary. Match them with lovely silverware so that there will be a play of colors and style.

Vintage Style

Let’s face it: linen, tea tones, washed out pastel colors, and faded details are the essential elements of country vintage. It is like visiting an old Tuscan home and with the glistening sunlight, the image of a mellow afternoon in the province. It is like an image of Anne Shirley’s home in LM Montgomery’s “Anne of Green Gables.” When you see these colors and textures, they all seem like they were worn out but they are too precious and nostalgic to throw away. They redefine the attitude for vintage pieces, good quality items that have improved with age.

Vintage Shops and Your Own Backyard

You can find table decorations for your dining table in many vintage shops. If you have old linens around the house, take them out and transform them into a nice tablecloth for your furniture. Add some crochet details at the edges to give it a more precious, handmade quality. Follow these tips and finding home accessories and décor for your house will be a cinch.