Second homes have become a common asset investment for many families in the United States, especially during a distressed economy when a supplemental income is desired. If you are considering the purchase of a second home, or if you have already purchased a second piece of real estate, it is important to consider how you will decorate the interior of the home. In making this determination, the biggest issue to be addressed is what, exactly, the home will be used for. With this determination, you can determine what interior decorating style to use.
When your second home is used strictly for personal use, and as a vacation property for you and your family, the interior decorating style should be one that is personable and fits to your tastes and your liking. Displaying personal photos and leaving personal mementos around the home is perfectly acceptable. The home should fit your unique style and should be welcoming to you and your family, offering access to even your most personal of items.

If, however, your second home is going to be used not only as a vacation home for your family but also used as a rental property for others, you will want to be sure that your interior decorating style is one that is inviting for your guests and displays your individual tastes, to some extent, but does not have too many of your personal items. It is typically never recommended that you leave many personal affects in your second piece of real estate when it is used for rental by third parties and try to limit the exposure of your personal family photos. The interior decorating style should be personable but not so personable that guests will know details about your family members.

And, finally, if the second home is going to be used strictly as a business entity, and for rental by vacationers or more permanent renters, the interior decorating style should be very simple and relatively free of all personal effects. Limiting the home to only essential pieces of furniture is recommended and you may not even need to furnish the home if you find that your renters are going to bring their home furnishings with them.

Purchasing a second home is a great way to find a tax break but to also acquire a supplemental income. If you plan to buy a second home, or if you have already purchased that second piece of real estate, consider these three options as ways to plan your interior decorating style.