Interior decorators call Boho chic a fantastic, new decorating trend that combines that earthy look of the 1970s with mix amp; match funky fabrics, homespun art work, thrift store furnishings, and textured accents. If this style of decorating sounds vaguely familiar, it’s really just a new twist on an old decorating style which us bohemian artsy types used to call “Salvation Army chic.”
The whole concept behind Boho chic is to mix amp; match, layer and reuse what you already have. Some new paint, vintage tapestries, bold accents, and a couple of thrift store treasures will complete the Boho look. Here’s how to decorate your bedroom Boho chic on a bohemian’s budget.

Raid the attic or shop the thrifts

Before you start shopping for bedroom decor, the first step is to take a look at what you already own or may be in storage in your garage or attic. Since Boho chic isn’t any one particular furniture style, the sky really is the limit when it comes to finding things that will work. Don’t be afraid to overdo since part of the Boho look is layering textures on top of textures to create a dense, almost cluttered look.

Old but comfy chairs, vintage end tables, vintage bookcases, and old headboards are furnishings that can be adapted to use in your bedroom. Room accents could include old vases, old lamps, containers, and funky art with a shabby Boho look. Do try to stick with decor and furnishings in the golds and earth tones, since these are the colors that will help create the look you’re after.

If you don’t have these items in storage, the thrift store is a great place to look for Boho chic furnishings. Thrifts are filled with retro 1970s decor that will look fantastic in your bedroom and are priced at giveaway prices. If the color is wrong but the style is right, repainting a thrift store treasure with gold spray paint is a low cost way to turn a tacky vintage lamp or vase into Boho chic.

Introduce lots of color

The difference between today’s Boho chic and the 1990s Shabby Chic look is color. Shabby chic was all about pinks and whites, delicate blues and muted tones. Boho chic is bold and earthy, drawing inspiration from the Brady Bunch colors of the 1970s. Shades of orange and red, mustard yellow, avocado green, gold, and dark browns are Boho colors and all of these can be mixed and matched to create a vibrant room.

To choose a wall color, take a look at the furnishings and decor you’ve collected and determine which Boho color is the most predominant. This is the color you should paint your wall, with an off white paint for the wood molding and doors.

Putting it all together

Once the walls have been painted and the furniture moved into your bedroom, the final step is to add additional layers of color and mixed textures with an inexpensive bedspread, pillows, or a throw rug. Mixing up textures and patterns means that it’s OK to mix up a leopard print with a stripe, a tapestry with polka dots, and placing a chunky clunky lava lamp on a delicate Victorian table. As long as the color more-or-less works together, it’s fine to break those old decorating rules to create an eclectic and visually busy room.

For Boho decor, we buy South Sea souvenirs from the thrift stores, things like coconut purses, monkey pod bowls, bamboo trays, and oddly shaped frames and candle stick holders. Import stores are a great place to find those finishing accents, and the busier is definitely the better.

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding some modern touches as well, since the focal point of Bohemian chic is to surround yourself with the comfy and familiar. Include some of your favorite stuffed animals, framed pictures, and rock posters to put the finishing touch on your Bohemian style bedroom.