Typically when you think of buying a ceiling fan for your home the first thing that comes to mind is the cooling factor. Ceiling fans though are not only wonderful for ventilation and cooling but also for adding an interior design accent to your home. Forget the old plain white or brown ceiling fans and start thinking about how a decorative fan can create more style in any room. Picking the best decorative fan for your home is a lot of fun but it is not always an easy decision.
When you choose your ceiling fan, do not make your entire choice about color or style. You need to decide what size fan will work best for each room. A larger room with more ceiling space is a great place to showcase a dazzling fan but a smaller bedroom cannot necessarily handle such a large fixture. Decide what size is best for each room prior to shopping. This will help you narrow your choices and stay on budget.

Motor type is something you need to consider before you start shopping. Most ceiling fans have one of two types of motors. There are friction drive motors and direct drive motors. Direct drive motors typically last longer and are usually quieter. Of course this also makes them more expensive. If you are somebody who is easily affected by small noises then you should probably go for the quietest ceiling fan possible.

The last thing you need to do before shopping is come up with a budget for your ceiling fan. Decide the approximate amount you wish to spend on each room. There are many fans to choose from in all styles, sizes, colors and price ranges. If you set your limits before you even begin to shop it will be easier to stay within your budget.

Most decorative ceiling fans do double duty as light fixtures. This is where picking out a fan becomes fun. Lighting can really shape the way a room appears. Look for something that not only fits in with your current room but also stands out a little bit as well. Decide what the purpose of the light will be. If the light is going to be used regularly then you want to get something that fits an energy efficient bulb.

Color is another important factor to consider. Choose a color that accents the room the fan will occupy. If you are somebody who decorates with bold colors, stick to this pattern for your ceiling fan. Do not just put up a boring white fan in a bright red room. Get creative and remember that the fan is not just practical but also a decorative extension of the room.

Consider all of these factors before you start shopping and you will not only get a great looking ceiling fan but also your moneys worth as well.