These are tough economic times for just about everyone. We are all looking for a little happiness to fill our lives. Short on funds, this is the time to think creatively. What can we do to spruce up our surroundings without spending huge amounts on redecorating?

Everyone needs to have a place to feel safe and comfortable in. Dressing the décor up in something new will add some cheer and happiness to your life. This is where the satisfaction of what paint offers enters in.

Paint is a great accessory for budget savvy decorating. You receive instant gratification as you will see the results right away.
Painting is an easy, resourceful and friendly way of dressing up your space. New colors will wake up a tired room as well as your soul. With millions of colors to choose from you will have fun sampling colors.
Before you make your final purchase make sure that you bring home chips and small sample paints to test on your walls. Lighting greatly effects color. The color in the store will look totally different in your own space. You will want to live with it for 24 hours so you can see how the color might change in the night time as well as day light.
If you still cannot quite find the color you are searching for, bring a color sample from a carpet, bedding, or even a favorite handbag, to the store and they will match it for you in a can of paint.
If you are still having trouble with you decision you can hire an Interior Designer, such as, just for a color consultation. Make sure you measure your areas before you purchase.
Tell the clerk what your square footage is as well as the color you are painting over. The paint specialist will be able to tell you exactly how much quantity you will need as well as the best products for your application.
The new self priming paints work great. If you are covering a darker wall then you will need to be prepared to have to paint at least two coats, or more, even with a self priming paint. Do not forget to prepare your walls before painting. Spackle and sand cracks, patch holes, and make sure the surface is smooth.
The two basic types of paint are Latex (water based) Paint, and Oil Based Paint. Oil Based paint has a very durable and cleanable finish which makes it great for high gloss trim work and doors. Otherwise the new Latex paints work wonderfully.
Latex dries faster and cleanup is easy with just soap and water. Latex paint has much lower fumes than Oil Based paint.
When painting with Oil Based paint the room must be ventilated. Drying time will take longer and you will need a paint thinner product for clean-up.
Paints come in several finishes; Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semigloss, and Gloss.
The flatter the paint is, the more it will hide any imperfections.
The shinier the paint is, the more that it will reflect any imperfections.
Flat paint is cheaper but does not clean as well.
Interior Designers recommend an eggshell finish rather than flat.
A satin finish has a drop more of sheen to it. Satin Paint is easier to clean so it works well in areas like playrooms.
Semigloss is generally used in Kitchens and Bathrooms as it holds up better under moist conditions and is very easy to clean. Semigloss will also work well on trim and cabinetry.
Gloss paint is highly recommended for all trim, molding, doors, etc. It is the easiest paint to keep clean.
Do not be afraid to add some color to your life. You will feel refreshed engulfed by your newly painted walls. Painting a room will cleanse the décor and the soul; adding some happiness during these tough times. Remember to keep on going and never be afraid to dance!

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