Renovating any room in your home is going to cost you money. Trying to renovate and still be friendly to your budget; now that’s another story. Even if you plan carefully, a home improvement renovation budget can go through the roof. Try these top three budget-friendly renovations for your home so you don’t break the bank.
Painting a room might seem like an obvious step, but there a ton of ways to cut costs when painting and still create a dramatic look without creating trauma in your checkbook. Primers are certainly one of the cheapest paints. It definitely comes in handy when finishing light colors. A good primer can also serve as flat paint on the ceiling and even walls that carry little traffic (like a closet or pantry) saving you a few bucks on paint as well as labor.

Painting techniques such as strie, glazing, stippling, sponging, crackling and antiquing are all techniques that create a striking contrast to the typical flat or semi-gloss wall colors. Best of all, these techniques require little skill, a few extra dollars and imagination to really pull them off in any budget-friendly renovation.

Painting also covers well. Paneling, drywall, wallpaper stone, brick and just about any other wall surface you can think of can be covered with paint. Effects can also be created to make drywall resemble wood, marble or just about any material it is not!

Top Painting Tip: Think paint is just for walls? Ceilings and floors can benefit from a quick budget-friendly painting too!

Flooring is often not a budget-friendly material. But by installing it yourself, using low-cost or used materials and installing small sections at a time, you can make flooring a budget-friendly option. From hardwoods to carpet, finding a flooring choice within your budget can be difficult, but just keep in mind, there is a deal out there somewhere. Flea markets, garage sales and the good ole internet are chock full of deals waiting to be bought up for your project.

Top Flooring Tip: Just because there isn’t enough tile, hardwood or other flooring materials available, try this option: Mixing and matching different colors, texture and materials for a unique all of your own flooring pattern.

Lighting is often one of the most overlooked budget-friendly renovation ideas. It’s true; some lights can go for some serious cash. But once again, yard sales, estate sales and surplus building supply companies always have great deals on lighting.

Wall sconces, chandeliers and ceiling fans all create one of the most dramatic changes in any home improvement renovation. Best of all you don’t need to be an electrician to hook up a light. It’s as simple as hooking up white to white and black to black wires, adding a wire nut and attaching the light to the outlet box.